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Bladder Issues in Dogs
Urine pH We can’t really talk about bladder stones without mentioning urine pH. The...
According to the American Kennel Club (AKC) registration statistics, Beagles were the thir...
Vaccination is a very important part of preventative care that can protect your dog from m...
Intestinal Parasites
A fecal examination is important, especially for pets that do not receive monthly heartwor...
Nutrition for Pets with Cancer
Nutrition for Pets with Cancer
Recently, investigations into dietary effects on the survival of pets battling cancer have...
Should You Have Your Dog Neutered?
Should You Have Your Dog Neutered?
There are many reasons that you should strongly consider having your dog neutered and very...

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Microchips can help reunite lost or injured pets with their owners, even after years!

No, reaching the powdered state of cellulose is an intentional process in making pet foods.

Milk chocolate, while still bad for dogs, has lower amounts of the substance that causes dogs problems.

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