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Running with the dogs

Running with a dog can be a rewarding experience for both human and canine runners.

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Why can't my dog just eat what we eat?

Why can’t my dog just eat what we eat?  He loves when we have steak!

Dogs in the wild would eat primarily meat, but they would also eat the bones of their prey as well as the stomach content of the grazing animal which would include carbohydrates.  It is a common misconception that dogs need only protein in their diet.  They, like us, need a well-balanced diet to have a functioning, healthy body.

When pet owners make their own diets for their pets without guidance, this can lead to severe malnutrition, obesity or weight loss and even medical conditions.

While providing home-prepared meals, whether raw or cooked, it is important to have the diet mapped out by a veterinary nutritionist to ensure the proper balance of nutrients.

In today’s marketplace, there are many well balanced diets that are on the market that are carefully monitored to make sure they meet the requirements for your pet.  When choosing a diet, remember it is important to have their best interest at heart.

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Take your dog to work day is Friday, June 20, 2014.

For many small businesses and those working in the animal health industry, every day is “Take Your Dog to Work Day.”  I can say the highlight of my dog’s week is running to the car Monday morning knowing she’s headed to the veterinary clinic.  Once at work she and the other employee’s dogs enjoy greeting clients and veterinary patients in the lobby, sitting on any vacant laps, and scavenging for treats abandoned by patients too nervous to eat them. 

Take Your Dog to Work Day was created in 1999 by Pet Sitters International.  This day is a chance to recognize our best friends in the work-place with goal of bringing awareness to shelters, rescues and adoption centers.  Employers are encouraged to allow employees to bring their furry family members to work.  Not only is this a benefit to many homeless dogs bringing awareness to their needs, but dogs also have a way of bringing people together through openness and conversation.  For colleagues who may not think they have much in common, the love of a canine can be a fun bonding opportunity. 

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Escape Artist

I have a small problem.  An adorable, tan, wire-coated one named Allie.  She is a much loved 18 lb terrier mix and I should accept by now it is just in her nature to dig out of the fence. 

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Common over the counter human remedies can be harmful to pets

Sometimes our pets can seem to be a little down, exhibiting minor symptoms such as diarrhea or limping. While it might be easy to reach into the medicine cabinet to find a remedy you have at home, think twice because many human drugs that we commonly use can be very harmful to our furry friends. Even if a medication is appropriate for a pet, the dosage may be very different compared to the human dose and over dosing may occur. Remember to always consult your dog or cats veterinarian before administering any medication.

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Emergency preparedness and pets

We’ve started talking a lot about pets in natural disasters over the last decade with severe weather incidents such as Hurricane Katrina and the Tsunami in Japan. What we’ve learned from those events is that people will do anything to save their pets. With Katrina we saw people putting their own lives at risk by refusing to evacuate and leave their beloved pets. In Japan after the Tsunami and subsequent nuclear power plant disaster, people were seen entering radiation zones to feed farm animals left behind. Pets are considered true members of the family for many, and even state emergency management agencies and homeland security are recognizing this by now including pets in their emergency management training courses. We can do a lot for our pets as individuals by thinking ahead to include them in our severe weather and evacuation plans.

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Brave Cat!

One the best things about being a practicing vet is hearing stories about our wonderful patients at home. Though most dogs greet me in the exam room with glee, some are hiding under their owner’s legs pretending that if they can’t see me, I can’t see them. Cats commonly offer a purr and head rub, but a “hiss” hello is not out of the question considering I am often about to give them a shot. So it’s nice to hear about their wacky behavior and personalities at home without the scary doctor visit. One recent story involves a very large and sweet Gordon Setter-mix “Gordon”, and his orange tabby-cat brother “Huck,” who unexpectedly came to his rescue.

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Canine Couture

Dogs are part of the family in many ways, having invaded our hearts and now our closets. It has become very common for our dogs to wear clothes for various reasons from weather necessity to just plain fun. Designers are continually improving garments to allow leash loop attachments and pockets for treat storage, Velcro for easy removal, turtle necks for those colder days, and then of course just whimsical fashion. I practice in a city where many of our small patients come in for their vet visits wearing the latest designer collar or jacket to rival my own wardrobe! It may have to do with the fact that it is an urban area and we see many small, if not tiny dogs that tend to shiver unless it is 90 degrees out. But from sweaters with the hometown football team logo, to glittery vests and tutus, we see it all -especially in the wintertime.

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Sometimes we make our veterinarian's job more difficult than it has to be

Check out some of these 'Vet Peeves'

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Winter Caution

Winter brings many different hazards, especially around the holidays. The local ABC affiliate in Chicago tells the story of an icy hazard that anyone living around water should consider.

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