How do I manage my cat's claws if I do not have her declawed?

Because the declawing procedure is actually an amputation, some cat parents are choosing to skip this part of the kitten phase. Cats have nails (claws) that grow very quickly into a sharp point. These are very easy to trim. Start when your kitten comes home with frequent nail trims. You can use a regular nail cutter or a specially designed pet nail trimmer. Ask your veterinarian to show you how when your kitten goes in for a checkup.

Keeping the nails trimmed will prevent scratches on you or your furniture! Trim them frequently and everyone will be happy. Some cats really enjoy scratching on scratching posts, especially those wrapped with sisal rope. If you have a sisal rug, I would not recommend a sisal scratching post as your cat may not know the difference. Cats like to stretch up and put their claws in and pull down. If I neglect Eeyore's nails, she really likes to do this on the back of my leg - ow! A quick trim prevents further punctures in my backside!

My technique for trimming - sit in a chair in a quiet place and lay the kitty on her back in my lap. Hold each paw and squeeze gently to get the claw to extend and then trim off the sharp hook on the end. If you do this often, the sharp hook will not be that long.

Neither of my cats has ruined any carpet, furniture or curtains and they are 9 years old now.