Home Safety Guide for Pet Owners

We found this great article on pet safety on Expertise.

To many of the 164 million American pet owners their animals are part of their family.1 Pet owners make huge investments in food, toys, and much more to ensure their companions have happy and fulfilling lives.

In total, Americans spend more than $50 billion per year on pets,2 mostly on food and health costs. That’s more money than what’s spent on coffee and bottled water combined! In the midst of all that care and cost, many pet owners don’t think to look to the risks that exist for their pets in their own home. If you love your pet enough to invest in their care in so many other quarters, you shouldn’t let the space they spend their days be the thing that could cause them harm.

We created this guide so you can understand the many health hazards present in the average home, and make quick impactful changes to make your home safer for your pets. Let’s get started!

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