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Why can't my dog just eat what we eat?

Why can’t my dog just eat what we eat?  He loves when we have steak!

Dogs in the wild would eat primarily meat, but they would also eat the bones of their prey as well as the stomach content of the grazing animal which would include carbohydrates.  It is a common misconception that dogs need only protein in their diet.  They, like us, need a well-balanced diet to have a functioning, healthy body.

When pet owners make their own diets for their pets without guidance, this can lead to severe malnutrition, obesity or weight loss and even medical conditions.

While providing home-prepared meals, whether raw or cooked, it is important to have the diet mapped out by a veterinary nutritionist to ensure the proper balance of nutrients.

In today’s marketplace, there are many well balanced diets that are on the market that are carefully monitored to make sure they meet the requirements for your pet.  When choosing a diet, remember it is important to have their best interest at heart.

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